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Escape from Camp 14

Book Review: Download Ebook Escape from Camp 14

I'm ashamed to admit, I've had no real knowledge or interest in North Korea. I basically knew one of the Koreas were the 'good guys' and one was the 'bad guy.' Sad...I know. After reading leave from Camp 14, my insight of this area has been transformed. The author does a remarkable job in bringing (pitiful) citizen like me up to speed on the history of North Korea especially. He does so in an interesting way by interspersing facts while telling the heartbreaking and heroic true tale of Shin, the escapee.

I began the book yesterday afternoon and accomplished it this morning. I couldn't get enough. The heartbreaking story of this young man, with all the odds stacked against him is riveting, because it's true. This is a story that needs to be heard colse to the world...of the atrocities still occurring within the camps in N. Korea. My heart went out to Shin throughout the book. I found myself praying for him, rooting him on, as I read. Shin, if you are reading this...I'll keep praying for you as you come to my mind. To the author, Mr. Harden, thank you for telling a story that we all need to hear.

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